Racism Statement

Action on Racism:

A Statement of the Modesto Peace/Life Center

June 17, 2020


A rare moment in American history is upon us, an awakening. Millions of people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds throughout our country are crying out, No More!No More! to the excessive violence of unwarranted police practices or the out-of-control actions of some police officers; No More! to a legal justice system that disproportionately and unjustly targets people of color; No More! to the racism that has divided us for too long, a poison infecting the very soul of our nation. We must not squander this moment. Let’s turn our outrage into a force for long-needed change. Black Lives Matter.  Let’s turn the brutal death of George Floyd, and so many Black lives before and after him, into an enduring legacy of fairness, respect, and equal opportunity for everyone.

The Modesto Peace/Life Center believes in the power of nonviolence to produce lasting change.

  • In fighting injustice,we oppose unjust actions and harmful policies. We insist those who support or commit them be held accountable.

  • Trusting in the power of truth, we commit to listen and learn the facts of a reality as best we can and then act to bring about the necessary change.

  • Dedicated to equality, we seek to dismantle institutional policies and practices that are barriers to fairness and justice. We seek to build bridges to a better future for our community, country, and world by treating everyone with respect.

Transforming prejudice, systemic racism, white supremacy, and violence will take years. But now is the moment to join hands and hearts together on a path to real change. The widespread and all too frequent inhumane treatment of Blacks and people of color must be faced and dealt with. Our focus must no longer be confined solely to the actions and accountability of individuals.

We need to imagine beyond the current model oflaw enforcement to a system that more effectively protects and serves our community’s well-being and public safety. Toward that end, in support of Black Lives Matter, we will join the effort of the local chapters of the NAACP and the ACLU to develop and promote a Citizens Review Board and other initiatives. In addition, we will support and participate with other organizations’ efforts to root out racial injustice related to health care, education, housing and homelessness,the environment, and economic development.

This dialogue and honest cooperation will enrich our community, work toward justice, and help us heal the wounds of divisiveness that affect each of us.